14th Annual warped Tour Battle of the Bands 2010

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I guess it all started in 1958 when my father; then a Pharmacuetical reseach chemist; gave me a company sponsored gift for my participation in a trial drug survey. The gift was a set of bongo drums. I didn't know I'd be hooked on placebo's at the age of four. In 1959 my dad taught me my first piano lessons. I started the drums in 1964 but didn't get a complete set until the 68 Slingerland set, a couple of Zildjians and I was in business. When 1968 Rolled around, it was time for the guitar. I was introduced to the synthesizer and bass respectiveley in 1992 and 1995.

The year 1969 was a magical year in my life as a friend and I hitchhiked to the Woodstock music festival from Arlington, Virginia. The whole generation seemed to have a collective voice and we were gonna change the world. They truely were fun and inspiring times and the best three days of my life. My interest in music became more than an obsession , it seemed to be the noblest asspect to life itself.

I believe your word is your bond. The greatest of men once made the following statements: "the lips defile the man"
and: "with God, all things are possible." These truely are words to live by. And after all these years, I still haven't kicked those placebo's!

1981  "Fame" talent show, songwritting contestant.

1982  "American Song Festival" songwritting contestant

1993  "Rainbow Records" songwritting contest, winner for"Riverman" (C)93 (P)96

1996  "Talent Seach America" songwritting contest, winner for"HeartWarriors" (C)96 (P)96

2009  "Auddy Award" for: "Is This Love Anywhere" (C)96 (P)2009

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Looking for Band Members

Hey Indie Musicians:

I am looking for band members who would like to help me take these songs on the road. I need: rhythm guitarist, keyboard/synth, bass and drummer. I would also be interested in using your music and/or collaborating on new music in upcoming projects. If interested, contact me @ donaldmayer29@yahoo.com concerning details.